David Anderson

What’s the Story?

David Anderson is the founder of Anderson Music Studios. After teaching out of his house for several years, David decided that it was time to open up his own music studio that would have many different instructors with different styles that could teach many types of instruments. David is a life long country music fan and can be seen playing in his country band around the Oklahoma City area. David is also a solo artist and can play several musical instruments including guitar, bass, piano and dabbles in mandolin and ukulele.

Carlos Obando

What’s the Story?

A graduate of the music program from University of Central Oklahoma, Carlos has a background in classical and contemporary music. Carlos is a master piano player and has a very advanced skill set from playing live concerts and with many different artists. Carlos is very fluent in music theory and is a sought after musician around the Oklahoma City area. He is a fantastic music teacher that can teach you to be a proficient piano player.

Jeremy Hulsey

What’s the Story?

Jeremy is our resident guitar shredder here at Anderson Music Studios. Jeremy is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in classical guitar performance. He has also studied classical guitar at the Royal Conservatory in Madrid Spain. Jeremy has been playing guitar for over 18 years and continues to play in Oklahoma City in various bands.

More guitar shredding from Jeremy:

Jaqueline Smith

What’s the Story?

Jacqueline Smith is a very talented musician that can also sing like a pro. Jacqui is a graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma and is an accomplished violinist and piano player. She has played with the UCO orchestras and ensembles throughout Oklahoma. Jacqui is a sought after violin player and is a performing musician.

Mike McGehee

What’s the Story?

Mike McGehee is the resident bass instructor at Anderson Music Studios. Mike is an expert at playing both the electric and the upright acoustic bass. Mike is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma and has been playing bass for over 14 years. Mike can be seen playing around Oklahoma City in the band W.C Johnson with David Anderson.

mike mcghee